How and Where to Learn Ruby

Ruby being a programming language is not acquired automatically as many might think. In order to learn this language you are required to go through comprehensive tutorials. It is also true to say that you must be ready to venture out and use it on your own.

How to Learn Ruby?
For you to learn this language of programming, you must undergo several tutorials. Through the tutorials you will get awareness of commands you can make. However, the problems you come across as a beginner are really overwhelming.

As a beginner, learning this language is a bit challenging though not much. You should first of all aspire to acquire coding instincts. To gain these instincts, a challenge known as kata must be faced. Kata in this context means challenges in coding that gets you to your toes.

A beginner is forced to use some portions of the language to acquire muscle memory. Later on, you will be able to understand how to use codes to get appropriate solutions. The first time you go through the long process of problem solving, prepares you for a tougher problem. Therefore, in future you will comfortably and effectively tackle similar problems.

Additionally, you will be expected to repeatedly work on more challenging problems. With time you will realize that you have become a pro in solving several but different challenges. These programming challenges that you will have solved without guidance, gives a clear indication that you have emerged an expert.

In return, you will get the satisfaction you needed by having the ability to tackle challenging problems. Finally you should be interviewed using some difficult questions to test your mastery of the language.

In fact, this programming language known as ruby offers vast stuff. Additionally, with programming it becomes very easy in solving the problems experienced in computing. The solutions to these problems are arrived at with at least few commands.

One advantage with this language is that you only need to master very little number of commands. After combining these commands, you are able to create solutions to the problems at hand.

Where to Learn Ruby?
There are several and very beneficial resources where you can learn Ruby from. However you are not fixed to a specific resource, but it is important to lean from several of them. This is because the more the sources the more the information you acquire.

Ruby Foundations Course is one of them, which serves as an appropriate resource for a beginner. Another one is Try Ruby, which also provides the information required by beginners. Code School Ruby Path is also a resource which offers a complete package for Ruby.

On the other hand, The Odin Project follows clear steps in teaching you the programming language. Ruby Programming for Beginners is just as the name sounds and also Ruby learning. Similarly, Learn Ruby the Hard Way is another source of learning, an online Book.

The other resources are such as: Codewars, introduction to Programming with Ruby, Learn Ruby with the Neo Ruby Koans, Ruby Stack, among others. Some of these courses are undertaken at a fee while others are free of charge.

In conclusion, with this crucial and hard-acquired background, you will realize that learning Ruby in Rails becomes very simple. However, you should always revisit the tutorial you went through as a beginner. Finally, it is advised to acquire important programming concepts; enabling you to come up with Ruby programs that are simple.

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